Matthis Hamann


Co-founder and Creative Director LUNAR Europe GmbH Matthis Hamann product designer with a combined professional experience in the USA and Europe, holds a Diploma in Product Design from the University of Applied Science Darmstadt in Germany.


Before co-founding LUNAR Europe, he held positions with international design consultancies such as IDEO in Boston, Eckart&Barski Design in Frankfurt, Philips Design in The Netherlands. Since 2001 he had been in several positions at designafairs/Siemens in Munich: design manager mobile devices, key account manager Siemens Mobile and Xelibri.


Since 2004 Matthis was director of designafair´s strategy & consulting unit. Matthis directed and participated in several design programs for international clients and has been teaching design classes at the Design Accademy Offenbach (Germany) and lecturing at the University of Applied Science in Munich. His work received several international design awards and appeared in professional publications.

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