Designing for the Apple Watch

10. March 2015

The new Apple Watch will hit the market in May 2015 and LUNAR’s interface designers in Munich are already working on transforming our very own world clock app Onetime to fit the Apple Watch. The LUNAR team came across some interesting challenges. Want to know more about how to design for the new Apple Watch – what it can and what it cannot do?


In a new article on Fast Company‘s Co.Design site, LUNAR’s John Edson considers how the Apple Watch could balance tradeoffs between functional novelty and personal expression – tensions that have plagued watch innovation for years.


“The Apple Watch will succeed if the company has attended to both ends of the spectrum well enough-and can make up for the rest with its outsize consumer base and loyal development partners,” John writes.


The big deal in wearable tech, he notes, is not at all about which particular watch will win the battle for users’ wrists. It’s about who will come out on top as the owner of a compelling platform that sits at the center of an entire ecosystem of sensors, software and services just like Apple did for music over a decade ago when they brought the music industry to our fingertips with the iPod and iTunes.

Contact us for pictures and interview requests for Roman Gebhard, Head of Design at LUNAR Europe in Munich. Roman Gebhard is currently on the judging panel of the IDSA jury.

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