LUNAR Europe designed Fujitsu‘s first series of LED-based professional displays

23. November 2010

The use of LED technology, its opportunities in component size and efficiency greatly informed/influenced the design of this series of business monitors.  The efficiency is expressed in its reduced design gesture that integrates well the product’s few remaining cooling areas in the rear.


Designing these monitors for the professional market, we specifically wanted to stress their ergonomics, user-interaction and design expression.


Computer monitors, often used as free standing objects, also need to be designed as meaningful 3D sculptures: we designed an integrated overall gesture with a reduced front that clearly highlights the screen content and it transforms into a simple yet sculptural relief of intertwining surfaces in the rear of the product.


With their integrated and flexible hight and orientation adjustability, the displays follow the multi-faceted user needs on ergonomics.


The early and close integration of technical/mechanical features and design expression in this project allows a strong, integrated product that combines ergonomics, aesthetics and evolves sensibly Fujitsu’s portfolio and corporate design.

Reprint is free of charge. It would be great if you could send us reference copies. Thank you.
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