Onetime. by LUNAR

8. October 2014

Onetime is a world clock that integrates all time zones into one easy-to-read dial. “More and more of us are living and working globally,” says John Edson, LUNAR President. “While there are thousands of great apps for iOS, we couldn’t find a simple and elegant one that let’s you quickly see the time in cities around the world. So we built it.” 


Inspired by the Earth’s rotation, Onetime displays the cities that matter most to you as they move through the day and night in a natural, clockwise direction referencing the international date line. The app’s TimetravelTM feature lets users quickly find the right moment to schedule an important teleconference with international colleagues or catch loved ones before their bedtimes.

Share your time and schedule meetings with the Onetime “Share” feature. Use Timetravel to choose your date and invite colleagues and friends via message or email.


“With Onetime, there’s no more mistakes adding and subtracting hours, no more confusing GMT numbers, and no more remembering daylight savings calendars,” John says. “Plus, you can give up your wall of newsroom clocks.”


Onetime requires iOS 7.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


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