Piamo - espresso maker

23. January 2013

Piamo is the first espresso maker worldwide that works in the microwave. Piamo creates a fresh cup of delicious espresso within 30 seconds. Whether you prefer pads or ground coffee, piamo can do both.


Simply fill in water and insert an espresso pad or ground coffee. Stack it, flip it and place piamo in your microwave. Now your microwave does all the magic: due to heating pressure builds up and makes the water run through the coffee, creating your fresh espresso straight into your cup. LUNAR is proud to be part of this exciting project. We designed it now support piamo’s crowdfunding.


Piamo is available through crowdfunding. Piamo-supporters can secure their piece starting at 40,00 € for early bird supporters.

Reprint is free of charge. It would be great if you could send us reference copies. Thank you.
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